by Ghost Witch

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John Evelyn
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John Evelyn I don't listen to much doom these days...but this is just a great balance of spooky and punchy. Really nice production and great vocals. Favorite track: Lunar Hymn.
Nocturnal Stalker
Nocturnal Stalker thumbnail
Nocturnal Stalker Although doom metal with female vocals is not a revolutionary thing nowadays, still this demo sounds promising because of a nice mix of classic doom riffs and slightly psychedelic vocals. I hope to hear more from this band. Favorite track: Lunar Hymn.
Vetrarnótt thumbnail
Vetrarnótt This is so good I don't know what to say. I feel completely haunted in a good way. The reverb in the vocals is so balanced and the textures are so well-rounded, that the thing doesn't appear to be from this world...! The guitar riffs are so simple, and at the same time are charged with a powerful energy. Track two has too much Windhand influence, specially from the first album. Maybe too much. All in all, perfect, please do continue. Favorite track: Lunar Hymn.
comaunite thumbnail
comaunite Doom doom doom doom doom, doom doom! Doom doom doom! Doom, doom - doom doom!
Zhakathoom thumbnail
Zhakathoom Not sure I agree with FDJ's "Windhand x10", but I do agree with this being a fantastic demo: Musically it is indeed in the same vein as Windhand, and the female vocals are hauntingly eerie and convincingly delivered. All in all a great two-track find. :) Favorite track: Andromadonna.
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ Scintilating doom/occult with absolutely wonderful ethereal vocals, imagine Windhand x10!!!!!!! Favorite track: Lunar Hymn.
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recorded live in practice space by J


released January 14, 2016




all rights reserved


Ghost Witch Santa Rosa, California

bay area doom

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Track Name: Lunar Hymn
soothsayer nursing the wound
viscera impact in shadow
sometimes i feel like i know her
but then i feel my arms bend backwards

softly singing
been erased from the picture

the dark creeps in like a black cat
soft eyes reflecting inward
we let sleeping dogs lay
in defense of our sutures
Track Name: Andromadonna
patterns form against the night sky
buried underneath of star light
i trace them all behind my eyelids
but they get blurred in the morning mist

its so warm inside this harm
how softly i feel like failure
im so numb inside these scars
how slowly i slip into failure

cloak and dagger form in dark clouds
moonlight strangled in a black shroud
eyes peer deeper into longing
my heart races into wandering